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Brief Background

The University of Burao, especially the school for postgraduate studies and research, was established in 2016. In the last 4 years, a total of 230 students graduated from the faculty of postgraduates who received master degrees in various fields, including the health master program. The number of female graduates and the number of male graduates are shown in the following table.

Table 1 : No of students who graduated from school of postgraduate studies and research for 2019  to 2023.

Total Students Male Students Percentage Female students Percentage
213 195 84% 18 16%

The postgraduate faculty

Students are awarded a master`s degree upon completion of their postgraduate study. A master`s program usually requires two years of study. However, the school postgraduate studies and research offers various master degree programs such as a Master of Health Science, a Master of Education, a Master of Construction Management, a Master of Social Science and Business, a Master of Sharia and Law, a Master of Health Specialization, a Diploma in English Proficiency Program, and others.

The postgraduate faculty currently has 59 students who are studying master`s programs in various fields such as healthy specialty, English proficiency, construction management, project management, etc. The table below shows the total number of students in each field and their academic year.

Current MSc Students and their Academic colander year.

Master program subjects No of students Academic colander years Duration
MSc Health specialty program 24 2024 to 2028 2 years
English proficiency in Diploma 17 2022 to 2024 1 year
MSc Construction management 5 2022 to 2024 2 years
MSc Finance and accounting 3 2022 to 2024 2 years
MSc Project management 10 2020 to 2024 2 years
Total 59 students

The faculty also offers a variety of Master degree courses as described below

Master program subjects Duration
Master of health science :

• Epidemiology and biostatistics

2 years
• Nutrition and dietetics 2 years
• Micro biology 2 years
• Healthy nursing specialty 2 years
• Maternity nursing 2 years
Social science and business management
2 years
Project planning and management
2 years
Human resource management
2 years
Procurement and logistics
2 years
Rural development and climate change
2 years
Environmental science and climate change
2 years
Social research and data analysis
2 years
Shara and law
2 years

Faculty postgraduate programs are designed to provide young people the self-assurance and advanced education they need to succeed in the workplace and public life. The goals of a university education are varied and include improving one’s knowledge and abilities. Foreign teachers and national instructors or lecturers with extensive training, knowledge and experience teach Master programs and courses in different fields. The faculty of postgraduate provides equal access to Education and services. The University of Burao maintains relationships and collaborates with other academic institutions, governmental bodies, and global organizations.


The vision of faculty postgraduates is to become the center of excellence by preparing students for 21st century global competencies, research skills, and community services.


Increasing the number of students enrolled in Master’s or diploma programs, giving Somaliland students opportunities, teaching them 21st-century skills, improving their research abilities so they can conduct research for the nation’s development, empowering the community, and creating pathways for Ph.D. studies in the area

Our Team Faculty

Admin Lucky Suleiman

Admin Lucky Suleiman

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