University of Burao

Department of Dentist


The Department of Dentistry at the University of Burao was founded in order to produce  competent and skilled dentists who could provide dental care to the community. The department offers a five-year program of study, including a foundation year. Although the university jointly operated dental classes with Burao College of Health Sciences in the past, this department was established in 2023 solely for the University of Burao. In addition, the department has its own Dental Skill Lab, where we offer the community all inclusive dental services at just a little fraction of the price of the private dental clinics. Services are rendered there by the department operative doctors and students.



Number of Students

Since the department was founded last year, there are two classes with a total of twenty-six students —twelve males and fourteen females.


The vision of the department is to train a forward-thinking workforce in the field of oral health, and apply scientific advancements to meet the urgent oral health needs of the country and the


To produce cutting-edge dentists who are familiar with all the latest advancements, have the skills to acquire and access information, given priority to preventative care and treatment, uphold human and professional ethical standards, and offer effective and high-quality oral health  services. The faculty also aims to improve the general and oral health of the public through outreach initiatives, with a particular focus on underserved communities.


Despite having only been established in 2023, the dental department maintains ties to Amoud
University in Borama, Frantz Fanon University in Hargeisa and SOS Medivac.


There are five qualified dentists teaching dental theory and practical sessions. In addition, there are three medical doctors teaching other basic health science subjects, and two lecturers teaching subjects unrelated to health, such as statistics, research, and academic writing skills.

Extracurricular activities

The dentistry department engages in a variety of extracurricular activities. The department’s mission to offer dental services in the Togdher Region’s rural districts is its first and most significant activity. With the exception of individuals who can travel to Burao City and afford dental care, the most underprivileged societies in those areas lack access to any dental care at all. In the outreach initiatives, the department provides all dental services at no cost at all, 100% free of charge. We frequently visit Burao Schools to provide oral health education and awareness to the instructors and kids. This is one of our most essential initiatives. The pictures of the two latest schools we have visited, Smarts Schools and Al-Mustaqbal Schools, are in this website.  These are the activities that we have done so far, but there are yet more planned. We also intend to visit the MCHs and educate the staff members as well as the mothers and kids who engage with the centers and use their services.

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