Welcome to the University of Burao
The University of Burao (UB) is a community-based higher education institution established in 2004 in Burao, the capital city of Togdheer region in Somaliland. We extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in the University of Burao and encourage you to learn more and even consider helping where possible. There are many opportunities to support UB, whether you are a member of the Somali Diaspora, part of an International Organisation, or simply an interested individual. As we contribute to the development of this region, we warmly invite you to join with us on this journey.
News & Events

Laboratory science offers...

Department of laboratory Science offers students a different opportunities to acquire practical skills, transferable skills and intellectual skills .

Saturday April 03, 2021 - 10:55:44

The Civil Engineering Field Trip..

The Dean of faculty of Engineering organized a field trip to Berbera Corridor project and Hargeisa Bypass project.

Saturday April 03, 2021 - 10:19:18