University of Burao

Department of Midwifery


The nursing profession is a fundamental component of healthcare, providing knowledge, empathy, and support for patients of all ages. The first step towards this fulfilling job is completing an undergraduate nursing program, which gives future nurses the knowledge, abilities, and moral standards they need to succeed in a fast-paced healthcare setting. We will examine the format of a typical undergraduate nursing school in this extensive guide, covering academics, clinical experiences, and the fundamental components that mold future nursing practitioners.

Nursing students can expand their knowledge of healthcare delivery and improve their cultural competency through volunteer work, community service projects, and interdisciplinary partnerships in addition to their clinical practicum experiences. These hands-on learning opportunities promote compassion, cooperation, and a dedication to patient-centered care.


The university of burao department of midwifery will work with its partners to became the premier academic medical center in the region known for its excellence education, innovation scientific discovery, outstanding clinical program and dedication, to community services.


The university of burao department of midwifery commits to enhance the quality of life and serve our community through the discovery knowledge, the education of health professionals and by improving the health of the public.

Our values

  • Excellence

    Partnership and collaboration

    Teamwork and participatory 

    Ethics, honesty, and respect

    Practically and financially responsibility

    Accountability and measurable milestone


Batches Student All Female



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