University of Burao


The Faculty of Medicine:

In March 2010, the Vice Chancellor met all Burao Physicians asking them to set up a medical faculty in the University of Burao. The Doctors accepted the challenge and convened a four member committee nominating Dean Dr. Abdillahi Sheikh Mohamed [MBCLB, DTM&H, and MRCP-UK]. The Dean commenced his services April 2010.

Certifications by:

  • The Ministry of Education.
  • The Commission for Higher Education
  • National Health Professional Commission
  • Members of the Arab Associations of Universities
  • World Directory of Medical Schools
  • And Ministry Of Health


The faculty of medicine and health sciences will work with its partners to become the premier academic medical center in the region known for its excellent education innovation scientific discovery outstanding clinical program and dedication , to community services it will be known as the place where everyone  can learn, teach and conduct research and receive his/her health care


We are committed to enhance the quality of life, serve our community through the discovery of knowledge, the education of health professionals and improving the health of the public.

Core Opportunities

  • Excellence
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Team work and participatory decision making
  • Ethics, Honesty and respect
  • Practically and financial responsibility
  • Accountability and measurable milestones
  • Diversity continuous improvement

Our Management Team

Dr. Yusuf Ahmed

Dr. Yusuf Ahmed

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