University of Burao


Department of Animal Production


The Faculty of Veterinary medicine and animal production was established in 2004 at the University of Burao. At the inception of this program, the faculty was only one department, the department Veterinary medicine. However, in 2012, the department was incorporated with newly founded agriculture department where the name of the faculty was shifted into faculty of animal science and agriculture.  Subsequently in 2012, the two department was separated into independent faculties; the faculty of veterinary medicine and animal production and the faculty of agriculture and environmental science.

In the early years of its establishment, the curriculum of BVSc was similar to that followed by university of Khartoum containing certain subject areas which were irrelevant to veterinary practice in Somaliland. However, the curriculum was updated in 2015 and revised again 2022 to make the BVSc course more relevant to meet the national demands of the veterinary profession in the next decade or two. Apart from this modification and revising, in 2020 the faculty has also developed an independent curriculum for animal production science to establish animal production department.



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