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The University of Burao (UOB) was founded in 2004, and the faculty of Business Administration was one of the very first four faculties to be formed. This faculty is the comerstone of the UOB in terms funding, the number of graduates, successful alumni, the teaching profession, scholarships and community outreaches.



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Our Management Team

Mr. Sahal Salah

Mr. Sahal Salah

Yusuf Ayanle

Yusuf Ayanle

Associate Dean


To be valued and preferred choice for pursuing business management students and generate competent management professionals to become part of the industry at national and International level.


  • Endeavour to attract bright and intellectually curious students.
  • Foster excellence by providing the quality education in Business management.
  • Cultivating the principles of social responsibility, ethics, and Moral values among promising managers.
  • Developing capable business and community leaders.
  • To promote self-employment through entrepreneurship.


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