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Department of Medical Laboratory

Department of Medical Laboratory

Department of medical laboratory was founded in 2017 after need assessment conducted by the University. The University considered that without laboratory professionals, the health of the Somaliland people is not standardized as required and the medical physicians cannot perform the health decision without helping the laboratory examination results performed by the laboratory personnel. The Department focuses on training of laboratory practices by integrating research, education and embracing the emergence of cutting-edge diagnostics. The curriculum focuses on community-oriented education and blends theoretical understanding of the fundamental natural and medical sciences with the depth application of advanced tools and methods to deliver critical information that may be needed for disease diagnosis and treatment, quality assurance, and control, as well as research to develop policies and strategies for disease. The goal of the professional BSc in Medical Laboratory Science program is to give students the information, abilities, and attitudes needed to become Medical Laboratory Technologists. The Department of Medical Laboratory Technology runs a 4-year Bachelor of program. The entire courses of laboratory study is 51 courses including foundation year. The total batches of graduates of medical lab were 91. The total number of male and female graduates from 2021 to 2023 is shown in the following table.


Faculty Status






Medical Laboratory Science graduates excel as innovative practitioners committed to excellence and a collaborative and healthy work environment


  • The Medical Laboratory Science program prepares highly skilled graduates who are committed to excellence, innovation and evidence-based practice in a rapidly changing health-care environment.

Current student situation

Years Male Female Total
First Year 20 13 33
Second Year 11 25 36
Third Year 13 14 27
Fourth Year 15 12 27
Total 59 students 64 123

Current department teachers

  • The department of medical lab has eighteen lecturers; ten of them are master degree while the rest are Bachelor degree.

Students participate the community outreach

Students of medical lab participate in a wide variety of outreach efforts in the community those who need with the help of full medical diagnoses and to confirm their clinical impression and to promote healthy lifestyles of the community

Our Team Faculty

Abdikarim Hayan Mohumed

Abdikarim Hayan Mohumed

HoD medical laboratory


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