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Faculty of student affairs and foundation


Student affairs department was established in 2012 and was part of registration and admission department. It is again reformed in 2019 and it has become a separate faculty to answer the numerous students’ needs. According to the dramatic growth of the University students in recent years, they have diverse needs and requirements including the way that simplifies to submit their complaints. The core aim of the faculty is to support the University students in any aspect of life during their study period. Specifically, it focuses on the extra-curricular activities that promote the student growth spiritually and physically. It enables the student having an environment that they can exercise their potential competencies and develop in the future plans.


The faculty of Student Affairs and Foundation aims to be most valuable entity in the University academically and developmentally focusing on the student growth.


  • To provide access to higher education and conduct quality professional training for the delivery of demand driven teaching/learning services with special emphasis on innovation and research directed towards community transformation and conservation of biodiversity.

Student Support

  • Student Guidance and counseling: Guidance and counseling are available in individual, in groups and even in the class.
  • Sport: sport is a vital tool in the student integration and there is football round in every semester among the University students from different faculties and departments.
  • Student induction & orientation: New students require induction prior the first semester to have a clear concept about the University.
  • Complain and conflict resolution: The faculty deals any complain in accordance and solves any disputes in the University basing on the University policies.
  • First Aid: accidents may happen in anywhere and there is First Aid kit available to conduct any emergency situation in the University.
  • Trainings: the faculty prepares trainings to the senior and the graduate to build their skills particularly, life skills, Employability skills and Entrepreneurship skills.

Conducive Environment

  • The University campus is a well-established environment, which is designated in learning environment and below services are available:

    1. Mosque: male and female divisions
    2. Toilets: separate male and female toilets.
    3. Friendly space: Immovable chairs and table are set under the big tree with electricity sockets. This enables the student to have one self-study in their free time
    4. Cafeteria: The University monitors the quality of the cafeteria and conducts regular visits to satisfy the students and other stakeholders.

Alumni and Student Union Engagement

  • The University plans and organizes the Alumni since there is very large number of students who graduated from the University and it is great entity that works for participation of University development. In other hand the student union is another powerful body that has great influence the University progress and well-being. 

Our Management Team

Dr. Hamse Jibril

Dr. Hamse Jibril

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