The Deans welcome massage  

I’m happy to welcome you to the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Animal Production (FVMAP) website, where you will find important details about our numerous endeavors and accomplishments. The website also covers the breadth of services the Faculty provides. This website is constantly updated to reflect the needs of the current period, in which technology has permeated every aspect of our scientific and practical existence. Since the creation of its website, the FVMAP has worked hard to make it educational and informative to increase public awareness of the Faculty’s role in various scientific, educational, and research fields. The website is also a means of communication between faculty, students, and alumni members. It has also expanded its services to support researchers and business people.

The FVMAP is proud to offer education and training that incorporate innovation and technology. Our school consists of qualified staff and has an environment that maximizes learning using the latest livestock industry technology.

The departments of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Production are the two divisions that make up the FVMAP. Our Faculty is dedicated to fostering Somaliland citizens who will be creative, enterprising, job creators, skilled, and have the capacity to transform the current challenges in the world of animal health and resources into opportunities for economic, livelihood and health improvement.


The objective of the FVMAP is to improve the health of animals, people, and the environment. We achieve this by instructing students in the practice of veterinary medicine and allied animal production sciences, contributing to the field of research, collaborating with other professionals, and delivering superior veterinary care to animals. The FVMAP also helps its stakeholders—including alumni, veterinarians, producers, animal lovers and others—via outreach initiatives and lifelong learning opportunities.


The FVMAP’s mission is to establish and maintain a college atmosphere that fosters professional and personal development where all students, employees, and faculty are encouraged to pursue their education, provide great customer service, and enjoy life outside of workplace.

Dr. Ahmed Sead