The Dean of faculty of Engineering organized a field trip to Berbera Corridor project and Hargeisa Bypass project.

Fourth year students of civil engineering department accompanied by faculty management visited Berbera corridor road construction project on 16-17 March 2021.

The Dean and his associate organized the trip for the students to acquire practical and technical skills related to their classroom learnings. Combining a knowledge of key theoretical fundamental principles with skills and judgement acquired from site visitations are important for the training of competent civil engineer. The students had gained on site experience from Berbera Corridor and Hargeisa Bypass construction projects as well as the construction of Da’arburuk bridge .

The site engineers on the project gave the students a detailed overall project information. The engineers focused on how the quality of road construction materials are controlled. Students understood the importance of soil, aggregate, asphalt and concrete tests for the quality control of large projects.

The site engineers also explained in details the process of making precast concretes for the Da’arburuk bridge construction. During their field trip to Hargeisa Bypass road construction students were taken to soil borrow sites, aggregate crusher plant and the administration compound where engineers on the site described to students how day to day works of road construction is performed. They also answered any questions that students arose. For some courses, the appropriate educational experience may be obtained from laboratory works or computer simulations; but for others, such as highway and Bridge engineering the only really effective vehicles for integrating theory and practice are field courses and site visits. A number of these are organized for the students through the academic year.

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