The Student Union is an elected body of students of the University of Burao. The Student Union is designed to enhance the quality of student life, support extra-curricular activities and contribute to the University’s educational mission. It is meant to be a bridge between the students and the Management of the University.

The Student Union’s objectives are as follows:


  1. Assist and counsel students in the pursuit of their specialization
  2. Promote school spirit and pride in the University of Burao.
  3. Promote student engagement, leadership, and learning by supporting opportunities for participation and involvement in different programs, activities and employment.
  4. Participate in an on-going assessment and evaluation of services in an effort to meet the ever-changing needs of the University community.
  5. Encourage the eradication of Tribalism in our Society through Role Modelling and the creation of programs that promote and foster friendship and cooperation and a sense of Community.
  6. Encourage students to actively participate in Community Development, such as Proper Hygiene, Reduction of Illiteracy, Environment Improvement, Sportsmanship, Religious matters/affairs etc
  7. Play a major role in raising funds for the University.
  8. Register Student Union Members.