The Faculty of Postgraduate Studies at the University of Burao was established in November 2016 as the first Postgraduate Faculty in Togdheer, Somaliland. The vision of the faculty is to provide an opportunity for students in Burao to conduct study and research for the development of the country, and to open the door for Masters and PhD studies in this region. The first two Masters programs were started in May 2017. In the second student intake (January 2020), the following Masters programs are offered: M.A. (English Proficiency in Education), M.A. (Project Planning and Management), Master of Research (Social Sciences), Master of Sharia & Law, MBA (Human Resource Management), MBA (Project Planning), MBA (Accounting & Finance), and Postgraduate Diploma (English Proficiency).

The Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management will provide students with the skills they will need to excel in a variety of different types of jobs and careers. Students will be skills specially in Analyzing systems, assessing cost-benefit analyses, Project formulation and appraisal and problem-solving, Market and Demand Analysis, Project Risk Analysis, Planning and scheduling of projects, Project implementation, Monitoring valuation and termination of projects. Any project manager knows that the following steps are important: 1) define the plan; 2) establish a schedule; 3) enforce teamwork; 4) maximize resources; 5) streamline processes; 6) control costs; and finally 7) assure quality. Therefore, the program uniquely suited to prepare students for bright future.
Programmer Description
Duration of program: two years / four semesters, plus dissertation
Contact & credit hours: 16 courses (each course consists of 3 credit hours and 32 contact hours) and one dissertation (4 credit hours)
Nomenclature: Master of Arts
Program Objectives
Students will be skills specially in Project Planning and Management
  • Ability to Analyzing systems
  • Skills of Features and types of project – Project life cycle – Elements and functions of project management
  • Ability to Project formulation and appraisal
  • Skills of Market and Demand Analysis
  • Capability of Project Risk Analysis
  • Critical and analytical thinking and problem-solving capabilities
  • Capability of independent inquiry
  • Creativity and innovation
Social capabilities
  • Capable of team work
  • Effective leadership and communicator
  • Engaged as a skilled ethical citizens of Somaliland as well as global citizens
  • Socially just and responsible
Personal capabilities
  • Capable of professional and personal initiative
  • Commitment to continuous learning and research as well development of Somaliland.