Department of Postgraduate Studies

Faculty of Postgraduate Studies


Our vision is to establish high quality post-graduate education of international standard in the Togdheer region of Somaliland, so that society can continually develop and be transformed.


To offer research training in order to equip the first generation of researchers in our region.

To offer professional training for local educational institutions, service providers and businesses.

To raise a pool of highly equipped professionals.

To improve the quality of education in Togdheer universities and schools.

To connect the University of Burao to other universities around the world, through education and research.

Degrees & Curricula

Master of Research (MRES)

Academic Writing 1

Practical Foundations for Research

Qualitative Data Collection


Academic Writing 2

Applied Research for NGO work

Applied Research for IT solutions

Core Issues in Somali Studies

Critical Thinking

Research Paradigms and Designs

Minor Research Project

Qualitative Analysis

Quantitative Research Methods

Major Dissertation

Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management (MA ELM)

Introduction to Research

Principles of Educational management and Leadership

Fundamentals of Organizational Structure

Islamic perspective of Education

Academic writing I

Sociology of Education

Educational Governance

Strategic Planning for Educational leaders

Organizational Change; Theory and Practice

Academic Writing II

Guidance and Counseling in Education

Public Policy and Law in Education

Implementing Change in Education

Educational Assessment policies

Curriculum supervision

Economic and Finance

Research Thesis

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Accounting and Finance

Organizational behavior

Project Planning and Management

Statistics for Business

Strategic Management

Research Methods

Financial Accounting

E Managerial Accounting


Cost Accounting Management

Public Accounting

International Accounting


Financial Management

Income Tax Accounting

Corporate Accounting

Corporate Accounting

Research Thesis

Master of Business Administration (MBA) – Human Resource Management

Statistics for Business

Organizational behavior

Academic Writing Skills 1

Strategic Management

Research Methods

Project Planning and Management

Fundamentals of HRM

Academic Writing Skills 2

Organizational industrial psychology

Strategic Human Resource Management

Human Resource Planning

Industrial Relations

International HRM

Business communication skills and Negotiations

Managing Training and Development

Managing Employee Reward

Research Thesis

Master of Arts in English Language Teaching (MA ELT)

Academic Writing


Phonetics and Pronunciation

Speaking Practice

Academic Texts


Teaching Skills: Lesson Preparation, Classroom Management, Presentation, Teaching Grammar & Skills

Teaching Practice

Introduction to Research

Action Research Project

Master of Arts in Project Planning and Management (MA PPM)

Organizational behavior

Project management Cycle

Strategic Management

Statistical Methods

Research Methods

Academic Writing Skills

Project Design and Implementation

Project Financing

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Project Total Quality Management

NGO Management/Principles and Procedures

Project Risk Assessment

Research Thesis