Department of Civil Engineering


Established in 2016 the faculty of engineering, civil engineering department offers Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BS), the program aims to bring up qualified graduates, who possess knowledge on a range of civil engineering fields including structural engineering,construction engineering, engineering management, hydraulics, transportation, material engineering and more. Today, the department is able to satisfy needs of civil engineering students in Burao and in eastern regions of Somaliland by providing competent lecturers and up to date state of the art laboratory faculty.

Program Description

The core belief of the Faculty of Engineering is to provide every student the opportunities to innovate and pursue their passions.The curriculum at the faculty of engineering has been prepared with the knowledge that engineering is the most exciting and diverse field of the time, students are therefore prepared for a wide range of careers and leadership for 21st century.

Sophisticated and well-equipped lab with numeroussoil, concrete, aggregate and asphalt testing features available at the faculty play a major role in the professional and practical development of our students. Standard cement tests available include fineness, soundness, workability, time of set, and strength. Soil tests include sieve analysis, shear strength, Atterberg limits, and settlement rate analysis. Specific gravity and absorption of the aggregates can also be determined at the university laboratory. Students can also practice essential measurements to determine the relative position of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the earth using Surveying equipment including Digital Electronic Theodolite and Automatic Compensation Level.

Program outline

Graduates that complete our uniquely designed 4-year Bachelor of Engineering degree programcan specialize in one of the areas of civil engineering profession. These include:-

·Roads and Transportation Engineering

·Hydraulic Engineering

·Geotechnical Engineering

·Hydropower Engineering

·Construction Technology

·Infrastructure management

·Remote sensing and Geodetic Engineering

·Structural Engineering