This is a report about collecting information about gums and resins in Erigavo district by using interviews and meetings with selected persons. This mission was carried out by a group of students and their teacher from Burao University backed or sponsored by SOFRECO. The objective was to get an information about gums and resins generally, and specially propagation and pests management of gums and resins.


Different kinds of gum production in Sanaag region

To understand the process of suitable collection of gums and resins.

Time of collecting gums and resins.

Different insects that damage the gum plants.

How the trees are preserved.

The systems of planting the gum trees.

Outcome of observation

In terms of propagation we found out that one of the two types of frankincense can be planted by cutting but the other one is not easily planted. The other species of the plants produce gums and resins which are named myrrh (dhidin in Somali) can be planted easily.

From the Pest Management prospective, we have learnt that there are some insects which attach themselves to the frankincense trees and enter inside the stem and may cause the death of the plant.

Furthermore, Gums and Resins Trees suffer from other problems which are caused by humans including collectors, owners and traders.

These problems are listed below:

·Over harvesting without resting the trees

·Urbanization that large number of people settled in areas of trees and made many roads that may cause erosion

·Uncontrolled of trees.




Propagation and Seed-disinfection

Burao university particularly faculty of agriculture started research which is going to be propagate the trees produce gums and resins by working with SOFRECO and ministry of environment and rural development .

Burao University team, who is responsible for this research made three trips to different locations to start this program and observing where and how these gums and resins trees grow or can be propagated. The areas that Burao University team visited were Erigavo and Raribul.

What we succeeded in So far

Burao University succeeded in propagating some tree of different species. Of

Some of the propagated trees produced new small branches and some of the seeds we sowed in the nursery germinated in the nursery.

The seeds we made in the lap some of them open coat and seems to be germinate.