Bio-gas Research

1.     Introduction

University of Burao has implemented the experimental phase of Bio-gas project. The project was funded by ILO through Somali forum and implemented by University of Burao

Biogas refers to the conversion of organic waste materials to methane gas for use as an energy source in houses, kitchens, (heat, or light), laboratories and hotels as well. This product is the result of anaerobic digestion of organic materials in the absence of oxygen to produce usable methane (CH4) gas and the resultant gas is called Biogas.

The model of producing gas in this system has different names in the different Biogas producing countries, e.g. in India they use the term Gobar gas; meaning cattle dung; in European countries they use Bihugas which is an abbreviation of Biological humus and gas, but the most familiar name in the world is Biogas.

This Biological digestion is not only producing usable gas but also has many benefits, such as reduction or elimination of bacterial pathogens through temperature, and production of stable environmentally acceptable slurry that can be re-used as fertilizers and soil conditioners.

The environmentally and economically impact of Biogas production has the following benefits:

·         It is easy and cheap to construct the model

·         Animal manure is used which is available everywhere and is a health hazard when in heaps

·         It is economically cheaper than imported cooking gas

·         It saves the trees and shrubs from being burnt for fuel, thus preventing the factors that lead desertification

In general the gas produced in this system consists of about 2/3 methane (CH4), 1/3 carbon dioxide (CO2), very little of Hydrogen sulfide and Hydrogen. As we stated previously it is created by the decomposition of animal manure and other forms of organic waste from fields, animal enclosures and slaughter houses; and household organic refuse/waste. It is then collected in an anaerobic tank (digester) where it can be heated and gas collected.


bio gas

The Biogas project started on the 16th of April 2013. University of Burao was appointed as the experimenting agency, while ILO was the funding agency and funds were channeled through Somali forum to the University of Burao .

Once the Experiment was completed, the university has produced the methane gas (Biogas), tested it and is continuing to improve the quantity and quality of the gas.

Boi gas




In conclusion Biogas is the Biological decomposition of organic material in anaerobic condition. University of Burao constructed a viable model of Biogas production with the help and sponsorship of ILO and Somali forum. The university conducted an experiment and achieved good results. Now the model is producing methane gas that is working and can be lit at any time.

Major Hotels in Burao, such as City Plaza, Cıgal Hotel and Golis are the direct benefactors of the project and are currently using Bıogas in their day to day cooking. In Phase II of this project, we expect to install Bıogas in households across the city of Burao.