Animal Science and Agriculture

Animal Science mission

Faculty of Animal Science and Agriculture consists of two departments; veterinary medicine and agriculture departments.

Department of veterinary medicine 

The University of Burao established the department of Veterinary  Medicine in 2004. Knowing that 75% of Somaliland people live in pastoral and rural areas and mostly keep  livestock, where as their basic life depends on livestock production and their by products. As well as the people  in urban areas exploit animal products ( meet and Milk) , furthermore, the live animals are considered the only export thing that exists in Somaliland, the University of Burao decided to open  the department to fill the health needs of both urban and pastoral areas by equipping veterinary medicine  doctors to occupy the great need of animal health. The program is full time and the students graduate within five years.

Department of Agriculture 

Agriculture department was established in 2011, and first students graduated in 2014. The dream of the  department of agriculture is to be a heart of excellence in teaching , research, and community service in agriculture in Togdher region and Somaliland at large by competent use of available resources.  The mission of the department is to produce highly qualified agricultural professionals via  rigorous theoretical and practical studies and to expand  and disseminate problem solving agricultural production technologies.

The faculty of Animal Science and Agriculture is not only a site of teaching/learning but also conducts researches, and recently completed two researches; Milk quality  analysis and Biogas experiment .

Dr. Hamse Jibril Ibrahim
Bachelors SCE, VM

Dean of Faculty of Animal Science and Agricluture