Our Vision

  • The University of Burao is to equip our students for their future by providing an outstanding teaching and learning experience
  • Attract and retain the best, reliable, well qualified lecturers and professors to work in all University Faculties
  • Establish excellent University research centers
  • Provide essential services to Togdher and eastern regions communities

Our Mission

  • Deliver an outstanding teaching and learning experience to enrich all our students and ensure they are equipped for their future careers
  • Create the best, well qualified and adaptable teaching and non – teaching work force that can respond to the demands of our University students
  • Provide outstanding financial and physical resources to support a successful, sustainable and secure University

Our Values

  • Delivering outstanding courses and services to inspire and motivate our students
  • Placing the interests of the students at the centre of all the University activities, maximizing their potential and celebrating their success
  • Giving advice and support to help shape the education, social and economic priorities across the eastern regions of Somaliland and Togdher region in particular, we serve
  • Mutual respect and acting with integrity in all University staff and students relationships

Our Philosophy

In alignment with the spirit of the Hadith ”Knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim”, the Philosophy of University of Burao, therefore, is of the belief that compassion and knowledge go hand –in hand and is to be sensitive, kind and compassionate while committed in the success of delivering knowledge and skills.