The Master of Science (Sharia and law) is aimed at equipping students in many ways. Firstly, students develop the ability to collectively put all their efforts and determination together, in order to accumulate enough and sufficient Sharia knowledge from its correct and authentic resources, and understanding both academic and non-academic literature. The programme is therefore uniquely suited to prepare students for work in university education in Somaliland.

Programme Description

  • Duration of programme: two years / four semesters, plus minor dissertation
  • Contact & credit hours: 16 courses (each course consists of 3 credit hours and 32 contact hours) and one small dissertation (4 credit hours)
  • Nomenclature: Master of Sharia and Law

Programme Outline

  • Each semester, students take three courses.
  • Eight courses are from the stream ‘Jurisprudence’ (JRPD).
  • Four courses are from the stream ‘Law’ (Law).
  • Four courses are from the stream ‘Research’ (RES).
  • The small dissertation is completed in semester four or in the four months after the end of semester 4.

Programme Objective
The broad aims and objectives of the faculty of the Shari’a and law are:-

  • To provide for all around and harmonious development of the individuals and society.
  • To re-construct human thought in all its forms on the foundations of Islam.
  • To develop Islamic character and personality among the students, teachers and the supporting staff of the university.
  • Preserving Islamic cultural heritage and good values.
  • Training qualified judges with modern skills and better work culture.
  • Co-operating with other similar institutions.
  • To promote among the students the culture of peace and self- reliance, respect for human rights, and good social values.