Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Our Vision

The University of Burao Faculty of Medicine will work with its partners to become the premier academic medical center in the region known for its excellent education, innovation scientific discovery, outstanding clinical programs and dedication, to community service. It will be known as the place where everyone wants to come to learn, to teach, to conduct research and to receive his or her health care.

Our mission

The University of Burao Faculty of Medicine commits to enhance the quality of life and serve our community through the discovery of knowledge, the education of health professionals and by improving the health of the public.

Our values



Partnership and collaboration

Teamwork and participatory decision making.

Ethics, Honesty and Respect

Practicality and Financial Responsibility

Openness and transparency in Decisions and Finances

Accountability and Measurable Milestones


Continuous Improvement


Department of Medicine

The University of Burao Started training medical students in 2011. The great need for locally trained doctors is acknowledged by all in the region. The local medical community have been particularly supportive in teaching and mentoring their future colleagues.


The course is full-time and is held over 6 years. A wide range of teaching methods are used. special emphasis is put on serving people in their community.


Dr Hassan Jama

Associate Dean of Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences

Department of Nursing

The “Top-up” Nursing Degree course commenced in 2013. It is open to qualified Nurses and Midwives, most of whom are already serving their community. This course will better equip them to do their current jobs and enhance their academic qualifications to degree standard.

Classes are held every afternoon over a period of 2 years.

Dr. Fatumo Osman

Head of Nursing Department.


Current Health Needs


Africa has 25% of the global disease burden but only 1.3% of the world’s health care workers. This continent-wide shortage of doctors and Nurses is particularly acute in Somaliland.

The recent civil war decimated both the health and education systems. The health needs here are colossal, as are the needs for locally-trained and well-equipped health care workers. Somaliland has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the world. Much work needs to be done to prevent so much unneccesary suffering and premature death.

Graduates from our faculty will be instrumental in rebuilding Somaliland’s health system.

Dr. Yusuf Ahmed Ali Ardo

Dean of Medicine and Health Sciences