Internal policies

The School of Postgraduate Studies and Research is careful to develop, maintain and monitor a set of policies and guidelines that align with the School’s goals. Policies and guidelines have been developed in consultation with the University legislation and regulations, and other stakeholders.

Our compliance policy consists of four types of documents:

1. Policy – a mandatory set of statements of the principles that guide operations and decision making.
2. Procedures – a mandatory set of statements of standard and required practice.
3. Guidelines – a set of advisory and explanatory statements that offer detail, context or recommendations for good practice
4. Rubrics – a mandatory criteria of the assessments, thesis and required assessment criteria.

1. Assessment Policy and Procedures.  click here download

2. Re-mark policy v2  click here download

3. Thesis and Proposal Research Guidelines March 2023  click here download

4. Plagiarism Policy of postgraduate school  click here download

5. School of Postgraduate Thesis and Defense marking rubric  click here download