A community is defined as a group of people within a physical location linked by bonds of shared interests, common goals, and mutual trust. Community development occurs when people come together to choose and implement projects that they believe will benefit the majority of the members of the community.


In 2012 University of Burao began a Bachelor of Arts in Community Development with a duration of 3 years. It is aimed at equipping a young generation of Somaliland students with the competence in the acquisition and application of principles and methods in the field of community development.




The BA in Community Development enables student to…


  1. Participate in community activities and build an understanding of grassroots development initiatives.
  2. Identify and analyze poverty, developmental problems and inequality.
  3. Initiate, establish and manage different community groups.
  4. Co-ordinate community actions and network with relevant role players.
  5. Become self-empowered, value-centered leaders.
  6. Contribute to the development and maintenance of human capacity on different levels.
  7. Explore employment opportunities and sound business leadership through practical projects.


Career Outcomes



This degree aims to develop your skills and abilities in communication, critical thinking, ethics and social justice as well as developing more specific knowledge related to Community Development.


Graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (Community Development) will be suitable candidates for a wide range of careers in community services and welfare groups, government departments, and not-for-profit organizations.