Ainabo: University of Burao has held first graduation ceremony in Aniabo branch

Monday February 04, 2019 - 09:24:39 in News & Events by Super Admin
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    Ainabo: University of Burao has held first graduation ceremony in Aniabo branch

    University of Burao has held first graduation ceremony in Aniabo branch

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Graduation Students
University of Burao has held first graduation ceremony in Aniabo branch

                         A message from the Vice Chancellor, Prof.Suleiman Dirir Abdi


Dear Graduates, Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen:

Whole hearted greetings to our graduates & guests.

It’s great to welcome you to this event.

Graduates: Congratulations to you on this occasion of yours –your graduation day.

It is a special and exciting day for you to celebrate and cherish. This is because you have achieved what you promised yourself to do all those years ago. It is important and happy event also for your families, community, constituency, Region, lecturers and university management. We are all proud of you and you should be proud of yourselves too for your academic achievements.

Moreover, seeing the joy of wearing your graduating caps and Gowns (academic dress) is recognition of your deserved achievements.

You have come through a difficult, challenging and often tortuous journey unscathed in your quest to obtain higher educational qualification.        

Despite the odds your efforts, commitment, resolve and hard work have paid off to lead you become graduates that consist of 24 community development and 2 Business Administration graduates who are better educated, much wiser and better prepared to face the challenges ahead to serve your people and beloved country.

I am convinced that you will become role models and examples for many others in your catchment area to follow in your foot steps and start University of Burao registration.   

 I also expect you to become ambassadors at large for the university of Burao registration which has nurtured your learning throughout the years of study.

Learning is a continuous life process and you must not be misled in any way by the "Pen is Broken" (Qalin Jabin) attitude – thus the end of that process. It has actually just begun for learning from and in the community, at the workplace and in many other real life situations that can pose tremendous challenges too.

The university has equipped you with the tools (knowledge and skills) but it is for you to polish them up, adapt them to real life situations as appropriate and make informed judgements and choices to achieve desired outcomes.

The teaching and support staff of the university have worked hard all the way through the process guide you towards academic success. I thank them all.

I would also like to thank our distinguished guests who have been invited to attend the ceremony and particularly the following guest speakers:

1.      UOB Board member: Farah Yusuf Nour (Xadhigle)  and Abdillahi  Dahir (Bashe)

2.      Current Ministers: Hinda Jama Gani & Mohamed H.Adam

3.      Former Ministers: Mohamoud H.Abdi, Ali Saeed Reygal & Abdirashid Riyoraac

4.      Sultans & Community Leaders: Sul.Saeed Yusuf, Sul.Abdirahman Qodah, Sul. Mohamoud Guleid & Sul. Ahmed Hassan Jama

5.      Regional Governor and Ainabo and Oog District Mayors

6.      National Parliamentarians, Local Councillors and other Regional Activities.

And finally, it’s my anticipation that Odweine & Sheikh Branches of University of Burao will soon in the near future follow your footsteps ad produce graduates.  Likewise, we are planning to open a new UOB branch at Buuhoodle District.


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