Partnership with Queen's University....

Thursday July 17, 2014 - 10:31:38 in News & Events by Super Admin
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    Partnership with Queen's University....

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Partnership with Queen’s University, Belfast

We are delighted with the continuing partnership between our medical faculty and Queen’s University Belfast in Northern Ireland. Last year we received a container of kindly-donated supplies. This included many educational tools as well as over 1000 medical textbooks for our library. These supplies are a tremendous resource for our medical students.

This month we were pleased to receive further help from Queen’s University. They have shared their undergraduate surgical training course with us. This course will take students through a comprehensive program before they qualify as doctors.

The course uses "blended learning” by utilizing a number of different learning techniques. Each topic is introduced in a 30 minute lecture, given by a specialist in that topic. This is supplemented by case studies, lead by local surgeons. Finally, the students will go to the hospital ward or clinic to develop their clinical skills. Queen’s University’s generosity means that students in the University of Burao will benefit from high quality international teaching. This will suppliment the teaching they are already receiving from local doctors.

The photo shows Mr Robin Baker, Senior Lecturer & Consultant Surgeon, Queen’s University Belfast, Centre for Medical Education presenting some of the teaching materials to Dr. Gavin Harloe McClintock, Head of Medical Department, University of Burao.

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