It is my pleasure to give a statement in Academic Affairs on why the University of Burao should be a University of choice by undergraduate and postgraduate students in and around the region.

The University provides access to higher education, research and community development with especial emphasis on innovations directed towards the social transformation and conservation of biodiversity. Students are empowered with all necessary facilities required for modern teaching/learning materials including well equipped laboratories.

The University has a broad and balanced curriculum in each and every faculty / Department of its own with qualified experienced lecturer professors that are contracted from around the world. It has a very conducive environment with a pleasant smelling like a botanic garden and a beautiful scenery of nature.

The University primarily coaches its students through the responsibility of their self-determination goals. It facilitates students’ advancement in career and fostering personal growth, so that they will be able to become a proper member of the community.

The University also promotes the citizenship of this very young nation and keep its Alumni in touch by organizing meetings with them on regular basis. Finally, these are the reasons why University of Burao should be on the top of the priority list for everyone who is interested in going to higher education.